THE DO'S and DON'TS of the voting process:


DO make sure you know the rules.

DO find out where you're voting BEFORE Election Day.

DO turn off and put away your cell phone before entering the polling station.

DO make a plan for how you're going to vote.

DO look at a sample ballot so you know everything you're going to vote for.

DO your research!


DON'T take a selfie or wear a candidate's shirt at the polls (some states have laws against this).

DON'T use or display your cell phone or camera inside the polling station.

DON'T hang around the polling station after voting.

DON'T let misinformation or sensationalized reporting keep you from voting

DON'T be afraid to ask questions.

For MISSOURI Residents

Whether you choose to vote in-person or as an absentee, there is a process for both before Election Day.

If you do not want to vote in-person you cannot decide to "mail-in" your ballot without planning ahead. First, you must fill out an application to have an actual ballot (considered an application for an "absentee" ballot in Missouri) mailed to you.
This application MUST be received by October 21, 5:00pm, indicating your reason for not being able to vote in person. This includes: if you are out of town, incapacitated or confined, are all with or at risk for getting COVID-19, etc. For a full list of acceptable reasons, visit SOS.MO.GOV under the Absentee Voting section. Once your application is received, you will be mailed an actual absentee ballot. Mark your votes and submit your absentee ballot (by mail or drop off in person at a local election authority) by November 3 at 7:00pm (Election Day).

If you cannot fulfill one of the reasons for absentee voting, you can still vote absentee but your vote has to be notarized. This means a notary has to sign and place a seal on your ballot. Notaries are located in many libraries, banks and at community voter drives across the city. Here is a list of available notaries in Missouri, SOS.MO.GOV.

Remember! By law, notaries can't charge money for this service!